About the Career Development Center

Contact Information

Career Development Center
113 Stratton Administration Center
610-683-4067 Phone
610-683-4069 Fax

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 - 4:30 p.m.


Kerri G. Gardi, Director gardi@kutztown.edu

Linda S. Lantaff, Academic Planner lantaff@kutztown.edu

Jessica Kirkwood, Assistant Director jkirkwood@kutztown.edu

Katy Rush, Graduate Assistant careersGA1@kutztown.edu

Kathleen Nemchik, Graduate Assistant careersGA2@kutztown.edu

Linda Kerschner, Office Manager lkerschner@kutztown.edu


Note: Email is a non-secure medium. The staff will do its best to answer your questions but will not discuss personal issues on-line.

Student Staff

Lauren Schwartz , Graduate Career Assistant

Marimar Del Orbe, Special Education, Career Peer

Malika Porter, Sociology, Career Peer

Heather Urban, Criminal Justice, Career Peer

Jodi Wagner, English-Professional Writing, Career Peer

Mekiayearra Wells-Meade, Psychology, Career Peer

Michelle Lehmann, Psychology, Career Peer

Katheryn Mason, Business Management, Career Peer

Arren Dawinan, Communication Design, Student Designer


Additional Information:
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